Unleash COBOL data

Integrate COBOL to the modern data stack

Do you have data in COBOL that you can’t report on using your modern data tools? Are your teams burdened with the task of taking Vision files and writing custom code to translate COBOL data structures into your modern tool of choice? With Matterbeam, unleash your COBOL data by seamlessly streaming it to any modern data tool.

Matterbeam in action

In this example Matterbeam continuously streams changes from an inventory management system written in COBOL into a Snowflake database for inventory and sales reporting, a MySQL database for ordering more inventory to restock whats been sold, and a Databricks cluster for analytics around how much of each item to keep in stock.

Screenshot of the Matterbeam product
  1. The collector streams data changes from COBOL into Matterbeam
  2. The transform matches the COBOL data to whatever form your downstream systems requires
  3. Emitters transform data to MySQL, Snowflake and Databricks — or any other destination
Screenshot of the Matterbeam product
  1. Through a simple interface for all users, Matterbeam provides an auto generated schema with metadata for every dataset in your organization.

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