Data wrangling no more

Say goodbye to data wrangling

Are you relying on engineers to manually transfer CSV files between your database and new tools? Have you made this manual process part of your e-commerce updates? What will you do when you need daily updates instead of monthly? With Matterbeam, you can save engineering resources and automate data syncing across all your tools effortlessly.

Matterbeam in action

In this example, the Matterbeam Postgres Collector streams data from Postgres into Matterbeam, where it is transformed into a reporting-oriented schema and has several tables flattened to improve performance downstream. The Redshift Emitter then streams this transformed data into Redshift for analytics. Simultaneously, the Shopify filter subscribes to live product and inventory datasets, preparing the data for the Shopify API.

Screenshot of the Matterbeam product

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