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Find the right data, and trust that it is right

Is your organization's data scattered across various silos, tools, and employee PCs, with duplicate or inconsistently named datasets? Do you have many different datasets with the same name, or what appear to be copies of the same dataset with different names? Matterbeam streamlines your data search, ensuring accuracy and consistency with the Matterbeam Trust Score.

Matterbeam in action

In this scenario, Matterbeam addresses the challenge of scattered data across various silos, tools, and employee PCs. By consolidating duplicate or inconsistently named datasets and resolving the confusion of multiple datasets with the same or differing names, Matterbeam streamlines data management and ensures consistency and accessibility.

Screenshot of the Matterbeam product
  1. Matterbeam returns all matching 'user' datasets with volume, trust, and anomalies integrated directly into results listing.
Screenshot of the Matterbeam product
  1. Daily Volumes displays activity, giving confidence that this is an active dataset… including past 12 day trends
  2. Anomalies show you what potential issues have been found recently with this dataset (like high volumes of nulls, significant change in data volume, or a change in format)
  3. Total Records shows you the total number of records in the dataset to give you context as to its size
  4. Trust Score shows you how confident in this dataset you should be, by looking at factors like accuracy, reach, reliability, accessibility, and liveness

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