Data migration

Fearlessly migrate databases

Is your current database meeting your needs? Does it scale to the data volumes that you need today? And will it scale to the volumes you’ll need tomorrow? With Matterbeam, fearlessly replicate your data into any new database all while keeping the all downstream data stores in sync giving you the safety net to move quickly without fear of impacting your users.

Matterbeam in action

In this example, Matterbeam easily migrates authentication data from MySQL to CRDB and enables an organization to quickly swap out database components to use the best database for a given workload all while keeping downstream reporting and analytics systems in sync.

Step 1

With Matterbeam, easily collect and transform data from the existing MySQL auth service. Then, emit data to Postgres for reporting.

Screenshot of the Matterbeam product

Step 2

Now replay all historical operational data from MySQL into a new operational database, while your existing service continues running. While this example uses CRDB for the new auth database, with Matterbeam you can send to any database of your choice.

Screenshot of the Matterbeam product

Step 3

Matterbeam facilitates simultaneous dual writing to both databases while you validate data collection in the new CRDB auth database. During this testing and validation period, you securely collect and compare data from both databases, ensuring accuracy and a single source of truth for reporting.

Screenshot of the Matterbeam product

Step 4

When you are ready, flip the authentication service from MySQL to CRDB and preserve all your existing downstream reports.

Screenshot of the Matterbeam product

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