Unleash data experimentation

Explore tools fearlessly; sync and reuse data effortlessly

Are your current data analysis tools meeting your needs? Do they let all of your analysts perform at the top of their abilities? With Matterbeam (and its data catalog), fearlessly try new tools to find the best tool for every use case without having to worry about keeping data in sync all while keeping context with every dataset making them reusable for future workloads.

Matterbeam in action

In this example, Matterbeam enables an analytics team to experiment with a new machine learning platform concurrently with their live Databricks analytics and Snowflake reporting environments — empowering them to try new AI and ML tools with ease and without fear of impacting their current models.

Screenshot of the Matterbeam product
  1. Collectors stream data from inventory management, e-commerce, and web analytics systems into Matterbeam
  2. Transform collates data from web analytics and e-commerce systems based on user info
  3. Snowflake emitter streams all data into Snowflake for reporting needs
  4. Emitters stream data to other ML, analytics, and reporting tools freeing users to safely and cost-effectively experiment with emerging technologies

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