Free your CRM data

Fearlessly migrate apps

Are your CRM platforms restricting your access to crucial data — or simply charging you unreasonable rates to analyze your own data? Do you need to merge data from various customer tools and deliver live streams of data to multiple groups within your organization? With Matterbeam, reduce the complexity, cost, and time traditionally required to get your data from CRM systems.

Matterbeam in action

In this example, Matterbeam seamlessly integrates Salesforce and Hubspot, enabling businesses to standardize and unify their systems without disrupting daily operations or requiring system downtime.

Screenshot of the Matterbeam product
  1. The Hubspot and SFDC collectors stream live data changes into Matterbeam
  2. Transforms merge corresponding datasets from both CRM systems into one common set of datasets
  3. The Snowflake emitter streams the data into Snowflake for immediate consumption by downstream reporting systems
  4. The SFDC emitter streams data collected from Hubspot into SFDC to enable a migration of services as needed over time

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