Salesforce syncs don't have to suck

4 reasons to move on from restrictive, fragile, and incomplete Salesforce extract tools.

Salesforce streaming tools too often lose data

Tired of missing data due to gap events or quota limits? Have to constantly recreate formula fields downstream because you can’t extract them earlier?

Matterbeam safeguards your data, automatically saving a stateful copy across all time. This allows for seamless tool integration, targeted data retrieval for year-end reporting, and simple replaying of data to recover from data quality issues.

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Salesforce streaming tools are brittle

Tired of schema changes taking out your Salesforce pipelines? Data quality issues going unnoticed for days or weeks—causing ripple effects and data loss?

With our AI-powered anomaly detection, Matterbeam ensures your schemas adapt fluidly, pausing data processing at the first sign of trouble. Once resolved, Matterbeam replays your data ensuring no downstream disruptions.

Salesforce streaming tools have unbounded costs

Overwhelmed by complex and unpredictable pricing? Frustrated after blowing through your monthly quota in 3 days due to repeating gap events?

With Matterbeam your initial load is free and you only pay for streams, replays and transforms at $25 per GB. No messing with event counting, tiered pricing buckets, or monthly active records.

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Salesforce pipelines are bespoke

Tired of looking at extracted Salesforce data in three different formats through three different APIs?

Matterbeam consolidates all data flows from Salesforce into a single format per object (yes, even historical data). And unique to Matterbeam, all these datasets can be transformed or replayed* without having to call the Salesforce API again.

*In Matterbeam, you can replay data from any historical point in time.

Fix your Salesforce data flow and witness a transformation in how data works for you.