Lifestyle photo of the Matterbeam team members

Matterbeam accelerates how you innovate with data.

At Matterbeam, we believe that data should be a canvas for innovation, allowing businesses to build real competitive advantages. We believe engineering teams should focus on the work that differentiates you, and frees you from systems that can't evolve rather than locks you into data systems that can’t evolve. And we believe systems should be as flexible as your business.

These beliefs shape everything we do at Matterbeam. You can read more about our thinking in our whitepaper. It defines a new approach to working with data that has the data world talking. While we’re early in our journey as a company, our ideas are informed by decades of experience dealing with the challenges of the “traditional” modern data stack. And a commitment to creating a better way.

With Matterbeam, you can stop building fortresses for your data and focus on all the ways you can share it throughout your organization to get your business ahead.

Our Values

These three principles guide everything we do as a company.

  • Be fanatical

    Dedicate yourself to the pursuit of the amazing. Our vision is both exciting and audacious. We’re doing what no one has done before, which requires both belief and commitment, curiosity and tenacity, and the collective bravery required to challenge the status of quo.

  • Align, then execute

    Think like a leader and move as a team. We’re doing things no one has done before which requires that everyone bring their best ideas, engage in healthy debate, and then align around the way forward. The more we respect and trust each other, the faster we can move.

  • Authentically care

    Bring your best self, every day. We expect great things from each other, which can only happen when we care about one another and the people we serve.

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