End pipeline tyranny

Unleash data. Unleash potential.

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You're using outdated, one-size-fits-all data systems rooted in the past. Data pipelines create silos and complexity. Pipelines stop you from effectively using your data.

Pipelines suck.

Matterbeam dismantles this model, delivering a new architecture to unchain your data.

Send data anywhere, anytime

No more restrictive one-way pipelines


Decouple the sources of data from the systems using them

The power of Matterbeam lies in its ability to automate how data consumers connect with data sources. Instead of building traditional pipelines, you simply collect data from any source or database, translate it into a format that data consumers can subscribe to, and then send data to any source, database, or destination.


Streamline and simplify data transformations

Matterbeam visualizes all the data flows within your organization, providing a real-time, graphical representation of data flows. This includes the ability to transform data directly in the visual flow of data streams and preview the results before committing to the transformation.

Today's "modern" data systems often hide these processes, leading to complexity and under utilization of data. With Matterbeam, transformations are standardized and straightforward so different stakeholders can easily reformat data for their purposes, spurring innovation and more practical and repeatable use of data.


Endlessly emit data across time

Matterbeam's Emitter serves as the data delivery mechanism, translating the internal Matterbeam format to suit the target system's requirements. Functioning as the ‘load' component of a conventional ETL process, the Emitter operates independently from data collection, offering the flexibility to pause and restart without impacting the source.

This separation allows for the simultaneous and continuous replay of data across multiple destinations. New Emitters can be introduced at any point, facilitating adaptable and retrospective applications of data streams to a variety of targets for diverse uses.

Organize and discover trusted data

Discover, find, and understand data with a keystroke

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Discover, find, and understand data with a keystroke

Matterbeam's intuitive and always accessible search visualizes datasets and relationships across users within your company — enabling business users to discover, find, and use data without burdening data teams

Unparalleled understandings of datasets

Comprehensive metadata on every dataset in your org; including ownership, usage, health, and relevance