Make data move like your business.

Matterbeam is the Data Agility Platform that automates the flow of data through your business.

The better you are at data, the better you are at business.

Bring agility to your data architecture

By decoupling the sources of data from the systems using them, Matterbeam eliminates the need for traditional pipelines.

Fearlessly try out the latest technologies

With Matterbeam, you simply publish data that your changing toolset subscribes to — break free of ETL.

Build resilience into your systems

Our distributed data model adds resiliency to your systems in the face of unexpected disruptions.

Freely experiment with how you use data

Give business users more control to improve processes and develop new insights.

Weave together data from across your business

Combine datasets within Matterbeam to bring new dimensions to the insights that drive your business.

Get a business view of your data

Get a clear line of sight into your data and its context — sources, owners, formats, and consumers.

A pricing model created for innovators

We’re a team of data geeks ourselves and have always been frustrated by companies that craft confusing, opaque, and complicated pricing. We’re committed to changing that by providing transparent and simple pricing from day 1.

Here’s how it works

  1. 1 Bulk load your data



  2. 2 Stream, replay, or transform

    $25per GB

    Per month

  3. 3 Emit fearlessly


    Send any live dataset to any destination.

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